July 21 2017

Shazam to begin filming in early 2018

It appears all systems are go on Shazam finally with filming to begin in early 2018 with David F. Sandberg directing.

Excuse me while I continue to be underwhelmed this movie is even happening.

There is no doubt that I am a life-long comic book fan, but this is a character that has never appealed to me. Ever. Whether he is called Captain Marvel or Shazam, I have never once found myself engaged by him. I can’t even put a finger on why, he just bores me tremendously. He doesn’t have interesting villains. The idea of a kid being given these magical powers never spoke to me, I’m just… eh.

And that’s what gets me about this being the next DC Extended Universe film to go before the lens. Even amongst comic fans you have two camps when it comes to Shazam: Die-hard fan or completely indifferent. I think it’s clear which camp I fall into, and those in the die-hard fan category are a fairly small group.

The DCEU already has enough issues, is this really the character to go with next?

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