August 3 2017

Ascendant officially coming to Starz to wrap up Divergent series

It looks as though fans of the Divergent series are going to have to turn to Starz to finish their story.

Confirming numerous rumors, Deadline reported on Wednesday that Lionsgate has hired Adam Cozad to write and exec produce Ascendant while Lee Toland Krieger will exec produce and direct. Both men were going to serve the same roles on the film version of the story, but after the box office flop of the third film, Allegiant, this was about the only way to wrap it up.

Shailene Woodley, Theo James and Ansel Elgort who played the leads in the film are not expected to reprise their roles for the television project meaning the lead characters will need to be recast.

Should this go well a spin-off series would follow the wrap up to the adaptations of the novels.

There is something kind of sad about this entire project and how it’s all ending. I almost feel like it should be left unfinished as opposed to some watered down, recast shadow of itself.

Source: Deadline .

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