August 5 2017

Dark Knight gets the Animated Series treatment

I love Chris Nolan’s Batman movie except for one thing: The Batman voice. Well… that’s been fixed now.

Batman: The Animated Series is the best on screen representation of Batman as far as I’m concerned. Any time I read a Batman comic now the voice I hear in my head is that of Kevin Conroy. He is the ultimate actor for this role, and I just adore his work.

That made Christian Bale’s “I just gargled glass” Batman voice so hard to stomach. I knew there was a better voice out there.

Rob Paulson – the voice of characters such as Yakko from Animaniacs and Pinky from Pinky & the Brain – has a podcast where he talks with voice actors, and he recently had Conroy on. He asked him to take a crack at Batman’s big speech from The Dark Knight. Someone has now synched it up to the video and it just makes me that much sadder about Bale’s choice of voice.

Now, compare it to the original.

There’s just no comparison I feel.

… I wouldn’t mind if Conroy wanted to redub all three films.

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