August 6 2017

Transformers animated films on the way

Hasbro is going even deeper into the Transformers film franchise with a new series of animated films.

Speaking during a recent investors meeting, Hasbro confirmed that it is working with Boulder Media for theatrical films for My Little Pony and Stretch Armstrong. Additionally it is planning on a Transformers film that does not yet have a release date. Once it does the plan calls for there to be one animated film per year.

Now, to the bad news. The animated films will fit within the Paramount live-action Transformers movie universe. The films will delve further into the origin myth of the incarnations of the Transformers.

Why is this bad news? Well, first off, the Paramount timeline is a jumbled mess currently and I don’t think anyone really cares to learn more. Secondly, the best Transformers film is the 1986 animated film that dealt with the introduction of Unicron and the death of Optimus Prime. It was amazing and soul crushing for fans. If you’re going to do an animated film, it should be something like this.

Instead we’ll be dealing with Michael Bay’s mess.

… joy.

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