August 10 2017

Frasier revival has been discussed, but don’t hold your breath

According to NBC, discussions have been had about reviving Frasier, but it doesn’t look like it will happen any time soon, if ever.

As everything is getting a reboot or revival as of late, it isn’t too surprising to learn that Frasier has come up in discussions. Running for 11 seasons on NBC, ending in 2004, the series racked up an impressive 37 Emmy wins.

Speaking with TVLine, NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt confirmed that talks have indeed happened about bringing the series back. “I’ve had conversations with [exec producer] David Lee about [Frasier],” Greenblatt revealed. “Frasier would be great. I’d love to [bring back] Frasier. We put out feelers about [it] over the years. But I don’t think there’s any real interest,” Greenblatt admitted. “I think everyone’s moved on.”

Honestly, good for them. It just so happens I just last month rewatched all 11 seasons, and the show holds up remarkably well. You can easily jump back in any time you want and enjoy the original run, and I feel no real need to check in with where these characters are now in their lives. It was an immensely enjoyable series and sometimes it is better to just leave well enough alone and enjoy what we have.

Stay strong, Frasier folks.

Source: TVLine .

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