August 13 2017

Justice League reshoots reportedly significant, ending changed

Apparently the reshoots on Justice League have turned into something far more significant than originally planned, and major changes are happening.

It seems that after Joss Whedon took over Justice League from Zack Snyder a lot has changed. According to Slashfilm, Darkseid has been removed from the film completely and his general Steppenwolf has been beefed up to be more of a threat on his own.

The big news, however, comes from Batman on FIlm which says that an early cut of the film has been deemed ‘unwatchable’ and major changes have come about due to it. Reshoots are still underway and it seems that the Cyborg character has received some major alterations.

Justice League is still due to hit theaters on Nov. 17, so it sounds like things will be cut close here.

Source: Batman on Film Slashfilm .

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