August 17 2017

A Twitter image sends Star Wars theories into a spiral

Ron Howard tweets an image, people lose their minds.

Since taking over the directorial duties on the untitled Han Solo film, Ron Howard has enjoyed sharing pictures from the set. On Wednesday he sent out the following tweet.

Now, this image has led many people to think this means the Death Star somehow factors into the story.

No… it doesn’t mean that at all. The helmet comes from an Imperial commander which years ago was called “Death Star Commander.” These officers are not only on the Death Star, however. And while the control console the helmet and blaster are laying on are reminiscent of sets seen on the Death Star, that is just the Imperial design aesthetic at work.

From Han’s reaction in A New Hope, there is no indication he has seen the Death Star before. Add in that his story is at least six years before that film, there is no way this is on the Death Star. It’s an Imperial facility to be sure, but dial back your expectations.

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