August 20 2017

Jetsons live-action series being eyed at ABC

The nostalgia train keeps on rolling as ABC has placed a pilot order for a live-action revival of The Jetsons.

Robert Zemeckis is set to executive produce a new take on The Jetsons which has received a pilot order at ABC. Additionally, Gary Janetti will write and executive produce along with Jack Rapke and Jackie Levine. Warner Brothers Television will produce.

It’s hard to believe the original Jetsons animated series only ran for one season of 24 episodes in 1962. It was revived in 1985 for 41 syndicated episodes and a movie in 1990, and that’s it. Considering the series’ place in pop culture you would think it ran for longer, but that was the extent of it.

There have been a few attempts at a live-action film over the years with none of them ever making it past early talks.

Can it work as a weekly live-action? Budget is going to be the concern here, but we’ll see what happens.

I mean, if we aren’t going to get an original idea, might as well go back to this.

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