August 24 2017

Warner Brothers has yet another Joker movie in the works

Hey, we heard you like Joker movies so we thought we’d put a Joker movie in your Joker movie.

Folks… the DC Extended Universe is done. Lets just stick a fork in it and call it a day.

After the announcement of the Joker origin movie it appears that Warner Brothers is planning a Joker & Harley Quinn to be filmed after Suicide Squad 2. The report from The Hollywood Reporter indicates that both Jared Leto and Margot Robbie will reprise their roles as the title characters.

Ready to get even more confused? Apparently this project WAS Gotham City Sirens which would have seen Harley teaming up with Poison Ivy and Catwoman, but now that’s dead and David Ayer is out as director. Now Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (Crazy, Stupid, Love) is said to be in charge and working on it as a crime romance.

Lets face it, Warner Brothers does not have strong leadership in place on the DCEU, and this boat is just floating all over the place. Someone needs to steer and it’s obvious no one is capable at this time.

I want to love the DCEU, but they sure aren’t making it easy.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter .

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