August 26 2017

Fantastic Four headed towards a kidtastic reboot

Fox isn’t ready to give up on the Fantastic Four film franchise, and it’ll even enlist kids if it has to.

After the last Fantastic Four reboot flopped, Fox is trying to figure out what to do with the franchise. It doesn’t want the rights to revert back to Marvel, so it will do whatever it has to to hold on. We already know a Doctor Doom movie is in development, now comes word that a kids version of the team is being considered.

Bleeding Cool is reporting that a Fantastic Four kids project came about from a scrapped plan for a movie based on the children of Sue and Reed Richards – Invisible Woman and Mr. Fantastic respectively. Instead, the story now apparently focuses on the FF as we know them… except as kids.

I give up. Fox has no clue what it’s doing with the X-Men or Fantastic Four. It is holding these properties hostage at this point. I’m about to say I won’t watch any of them ever again just in the hopes the financials no longer work out.

Give it up, Fox. You don’t get the FF and you never will.

Source: Bleeding Cool .

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