August 27 2017

Gotham City Sirens movie still in the works

Gotham City Sirens appears to have not been canceled by the Joker & Harley movie, just possibly delayed.

The DC Extended Universe is a nightmare right now. No one seems to know what is happening. With the announcement of a Joker & Harley movie there were rumors it had removed Gotham City Sirens from the upcoming schedule. Now, a source speaking with Forbes has confirmed the all-girl team-up movie is still indeed in play.

Harley, Catwoman and Poison Ivy are super important to us– And a super cool team, too!

It seems it will be in the schedule somewhere behind Joker/Harley, but no one seems to know when. And since that is after Suicide Squad 2… we’re probably looking at anywhere up to 2023 for the all-girl outing. (Believe me, that is complete speculation on my part.)

All I know is Warner Brothers has got to get the DCEU in order and do it soon. This confusion isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Source: Forbes .

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