September 1 2017

This is the R2-D2 of my dreams

Sphero has done it again. This R2-D2 must be mine.

Last year the hottest toy for the holiday season was the app-controlled BB-8 from Sphero. He’s adorable and fun to play with. I have one on my desk. But my true droid love has always been R2-D2, and really any astromech droid. Above my desk sits around 80 different astromech figures. I have always loved the concept and always will.

Now, today starts the marketing push for Star Wars The Last Jedi, and among the new items is a Sphero R2-D2.

I don’t want him. I NEED him. He must roll around my desk and make his little sounds. He must warble at me.

… Damn you, Sphero. You know the way into my wallet.

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