September 3 2017

Wonder Woman becomes fifth highest grossing super hero film

Although Wonder Woman is now out digitally for home release, the film is still doing fairly well at the box office.

After 14 weeks in release, Wonder Woman took in $1.92M this weekend domestically to bring it to $812.6M globally – $408.93M domestically, $403.7M foreign. This makes it the fifth highest grossing super hero film domestically – the top four being AvengersAvengers: Age of UltronThe Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises – and the 21st highest grossing film of all time in the U.S. Globally it sits in 65th place.

Considering how the DC Extended Universe started, this is an impressive performance. Hopefully Warner Brothers takes some notes from what worked here moving forward.

In other words… Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sucked, lets correct the path.

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