September 6 2017

Rian Johnson may return for Star Wars Episode IX

It looks like Rian Johnson may get a second shot at Star Wars.

As Lucasfilm deals with the fallout of Colin Trevorrow exiting directing duties on Episode IX, a shortlist of directors has been put together, and it seems Johnson may do back-to-back times at bat. While that may seem to make sense, and Lucasfilm knows it can work with him, but it may not be the best idea.

Johnson is currently in post-production on The Last Jedi, but if he was to tackle Episode IX he would need to start work at the same time to meet the production start of Jan. 2018. Everything seems to indicate the script needs to be trashed and that isn’t going to be a short process. Then the design phase, the building of sets and so on. Meeting that start date would be exceedingly difficult for any director, especially one in the depths of post-production.

With a release date of May 24, 2019 on the books for Episode IX it’s already sounding to me like the release date needs to be moved back. However, the Han Solo film is still hanging on to the May 25, 2018 release date although as late as Wednesday Ron Howard was still at work on the reshoots.

Instead of locking onto release dates, Lucasfilm needs to worry more about getting these movies right. Doesn’t matter when you release a Star Wars movie, the audience will come, just make sure it’s good.

If Johnson takes this on, I wish him luck, but this is a huge task for anyone to try to take on.

Source: Deadline .

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