September 19 2017

Star Trek Discovery borrowing yet another staple

Star Trek Discovery is already feeling a bit too familiar.

Jonathan Frakes – Will Riker in Star Trek: The Next Generation – has had a lucrative career directing since his days in on the Enterprise. He is involved with Discovery and speaking at Creation Entertainment’s Continuing Voyage Tour in Chicago recently, he revealed that the new series would be visiting the Mirror, Mirror universe first glimpsed in the original series.

This alternate dimension where the Federation is evil has appeared in the original series, Deep Space Nine, and Enterprise. Fine, it’s established, but we also know we will be encountering Harry Mudd in this first season. How about telling some original stories instead? In the first 13 episodes we’re already running into multiple staples of the original series. I can already feel myself getting bored here.

Star Trek Discovery premieres on CBS All Access this Sunday.

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