September 20 2017

Han Solo film may feature a familiar menace

For the more spoiler fearful amongst you, I suggest you turn away right about now.

It seems that Ron Howard isn’t done adding new tweaks to the untitled Han Solo film. According to sources speaking with That Hashtag Show, as recently as two weeks ago an actor was spotted on set in Darth Vader’s armor. It was not, however, Spencer Wilding who wore the armor in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

What we don’t know is if Han ever encountered Vader prior to the events on Cloud City. My guess is he hadn’t, but we have to remember that Vader was the Emperor’s right-hand man. He was sure to be a known figure through out the galaxy. We could see him from anything like a holographic news story to just being on a Star Destroyer.

My guess, however, is that Han was supposed to have broken Chewie out of an Imperial prison camp. It’s pretty easy to imagine Vader showing up not long after to deal with the officers who let such a thing happen.

We’ll have to see how this plays out when the untitled Han Solo film hits theaters in May 2018. (Yeah… I still think they’re going to move it.)

Source: That Hashtag Show .

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