September 24 2017

Justice League box office is going to be a weird beast

The first box office projections for Justice League are rolling in, and it’s going to be an odd one.

Box Office Pro is pegging Justice League to open at $150M with a final domestic haul of $330M. While this may not sound horrible, that puts the opening behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice which opened to $166M. The budget is currently unknown, but with the change in directors, extensive reshoots, marketing and so on… this is not great news.

With a meshing of director styles and scripts, this has the potential for a lot of issues, and if it misfires as badly as BvS, I think Warner Brothers is going to have to completely rethink the DC Extended Universe. Wonder Woman worked, everything else hasn’t. I was already thinking there was going to be a reset after this, and I think that may be why Flash has now become Flashpoint.

If you thought this wall messy before, get ready for the issues to be compounded.

Source: Box Office Pro .

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