October 3 2017

Glass starts production to wrap up Unbreakable trilogy

I’ve never kept it a secret I’m not a huge fan of M. Night Shyamalan. For the most part I think his films are garbage, but I did enjoy Unbreakable a lot. When Split came out and turned out to be a sequel, I watched it… and again enjoyed it.

Hey, he’s up to two movies I liked.

Now Shyamalan has begun filming the third film in the series entitled Glass.

If you aren’t familiar with the first two films, Glass is the ‘villain’ name for Samual L. Jackson’s character. Apparently, we will see all three main characters in this one and it will conclude the story we had no clue was a trilogy.

Normally I would be excited about something like this, but Shyamalan’s track record makes me nervous. He’s directed 12 films, and I’ve liked exactly two, but going in his favor they were the first parts of this story.

Fingers crossed.

Glass hits theaters on Jan. 18, 2019.

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