October 4 2017

Ben Affleck calls criticism of Batman v Superman ‘fair’

I’m so glad my hatred of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is okay with Ben Affleck.

The latest issue of Empire focuses heavily on the upcoming Justice League with the cast trying to sell us on the tone of the film. The topic of how people received BvS came up, and to Affleck’s credit, he seems to get it.

I can understand people saying [‘Batman v Superman’] was too dark, or this was outside the tone of what I’m used to seeing with a Batman story, and I think that’s a fair criticism.

Yeah… it was a painful film.

He goes on to add that you shouldn’t worry about Justice League, though.

This was all scripted and set up before [‘Batman v Superman’] came out. The approach was changed anyway for the second one. It was natural progression. Zack wanted to make a movie that was more fun, that was a little bit light, that wasn’t so encumbered with heavy melodrama.

This part I have issues with. I think this film is reactionary from what I’ve seen so far. “Oh no… we need to change directions here.” Every trailer I see focuses so much on the comedy aspect that it feels beyond ham-fisted to me.

We’ll found out when Justice League hits theaters on Nov. 17.

Source: Empire .

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