October 7 2017

Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer – Who turned on the lights?

It seems the sun plays a big role in Pacific Rim: Uprising… and I don’t like it.

I enjoyed Pacific Rim. I didn’t love it, but it was a fun romp. Part of that came from Guillermo del Toro’s visual style, but it’s clear that Pacific Rim: Uprising is going a different route. To be blunt, it’s just too darn bright.

Everything about this film, from a visual perspective, looks like a video game as opposed to the dark and gritty world we were in in the first film. The story may be great, but I see we may also be saddled with the “new kid who can do everything” trope as we see her piloting a Jaeger on her own without even a drift suit on. Isn’t the wonder kid trope done to death already? Yes, the new kid who takes up a mech with no training is a staple of anime, but for some reason, in live action, I’m just groaning.

Even the Jaeger designs are just… not awesome. Go back to the first film and look at Jaegers like the Russian Cherno Alpha. Those had characters. These just look generic to me.

I’m sure I will still see this, but I have a feeling we’re in for a shadow of the first film, and that’s just unfortunate.

Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters on March 23, 2018.

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