October 12 2017

Movies Anywhere – Things just got serious for digital copies

Movies Anywhere has been rumored for a while now, and now it’s a real thing and you should care.

Up until now there have been tons of ways to buy digital copies, but for the most part, you locked them into one digital garden. If you bought a movie on Amazon you had to watch it on Amazon. Same goes for Google. And for iTunes. This led to people having movies in multiple locations and general confusion.

UltraViolet is a digital format that allows you to play from a couple different sources such as Vudu, but it was also a bit of a walled garden.

Then in 2014 Disney decided to break the bonds and launched Disney Movies Anywhere. This system allowed you to link your Amazon, Google, Vudu and iTunes accounts and if you purchased a Disney movie on any of those platforms you could play it on the others. It was insanely freeing and gave me great access to my Disney films pretty much… well… anywhere.

But now, Disney Movies Anywhere is going away… and enter Movies Anywhere.

Using the same technology Movies Anywhere will work with Disney, Fox, Sony, Universal and Warner Brothers films. The service has just launched and you can find it at Link your accounts and your purchases will begin synching into one giant digital locker. In the past, when I’ve bought a Disney movie on iTunes in less than one minute I would see it in my Amazon Video Library. It’s fast and amazing.

To me, this is the way Digital needed to be done. When I have a physical disc I can stick it in any physical player and I’m done. Having my digital copies locked in various different libraries always irked me. Some folks don’t thrill to the DMA system, and I get that, but as someone who just wants to watch a movie when he wants to, this is going to be amazing.

I’ve seen a list of the movies that will be eligible for Movies Anywhere and it numbers close to 7,000. Get in there and get your collection synching folks. It’s worth it.

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