October 18 2017

Han Solo film title revealed, people state the obvious

At long last the title of the Han Solo film has been revealed… yeah, were you really expecting something else?

Ron Howard took to his Twitter on Tuesday to announce that the Han Solo film has wrapped production, and he finally revealed the name. Yes, it’s Solo: A Star Wars Story.

This led to a lot of mocking throughout the day, but what did you really expect it to be? Yes, there could have been options such as Kessel Run, Smuggler’s Run, Smuggler’s Bounty and so on, but for marketing purposes, this makes total sense. Lucasfilm needs to be able to market this film to anyone, not just die-hard fans. The name Solo is known, the other titles I suggested are a bit ambiguous.

While Howard did not directly address the release date, there doesn’t seem to be any indications that the film will move from its May release date which means we will have only six months between The Last Jedi and Solo. Then we will have an 18-month gap to Episode IX.

I know… I now live in a world where an 18-month gap in Star Wars movies releasing seems long to me. I still think Solo should have stuck with the December schedule.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on May 25, 2018.

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