October 19 2017

Spawn will be like Jaws in the new film

Todd McFarlane has started talking about his plans for the upcoming Spawn movie, and he has some very different plans.

Speaking with Yahoo recently, McFarlane has started describing some of his plans for how exactly the character of Spawn will factor into the new movie, and it probably isn’t what you’re expecting.

I always come back to Jaws — not that I have a shark in Spawn! But that shark was enormous. And at anytime in the movie, did they tell me why the shark was so damn big? No! Did it matter to me? No!

All that mattered was that it was big and in the same vicinity as humans. Or John Carpenter’s The Thing: where do the aliens come from? I don’t know! What was its reason for taking over bodies? I don’t know! It just was. I’m OK without an origin. Just give me a compelling story, scare the shit out of me from time to time, and I’m along for the ride.

Now that he has said this in a public venue I can finally comment on this. When I was at Toy Fair in February I actually lucked into a one-on-one session with McFarlane and he started discussing the movie with me, but at that time I couldn’t say anything. He went through his Jaws-style plan with me, and I have to say, to hear him describe it, I wanted to see the movie. He has a very definite visual style in mind, and knows how he wants to execute it, and it was fascinating.

He went on at length about other aspects of the film that I can’t discuss yet, but the Jaws aspect was the biggest by far. While the original movie was a mess, I think McFarlane is on to something here, and I can’t wait to see it realized.

Source: Yahoo .

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