October 31 2017

John Carpenter confuses Halloween fans a bit more

I guess at this point we just have to wait until 2018 to find out exactly what is in and what’s out.

Speaking with CBS Sunday Morning, John Carpenter has said, yet again, that the new Halloween movie “is pretending the other sequels didn’t happen.” That’s great, I’m fine with ignoring Halloween III forward, but the big question is Halloween II.

Yes, in theory, you can quickly say he is ignoring the other sequels, but Carpenter was involved with Halloween II. While he didn’t direct the second one, he still co-wrote it, and it also involves one of the biggest canon pieces of the series as it establishes that Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael are related.

Also, if we do ignore II, that means that the last sighting of Micahel was immediately after he falls out of the window during the fight with Laurie. The next time she looks down he is gone. So has he been somewhere hiding for nearly 40 years? Of course, if they don’t ignore II, he died in a fire, so… still confusing.

In short, it sounds to me like the Laurie/Michael sibling connection is gone. Fine, I’ll deal with it, but it’s still going to feel weird to have to wipe that from my memory for this next film.

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