November 7 2017

Disney in talks to acquire portions of Fox

Never say never in Hollywood. The X-Men just may yet join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

According to sources speaking with CNBC, Disney has been having on-again, off-again discussions with 21st Century Fox about acquiring portions of its media empire. Apparently, Fox wants to focus more on sports and news, and less on entertainment. I’ve broken down what this deal could mean.

What Disney WON’T Get

What Disney WOULD Get

What Disney WANTS

Why would Disney be doing for this?

As crazy as this may sound, Disney needs more content. With plans to launch its own streaming service with original content on it, the House of Mouse is going to need a gargantuan amount of content at its disposal. Purchasing Fox would give it that as well as tying up some loose ends from its previous acquisitions of Marvel Comics and Lucasfilm.

Disney would also be getting a lot of properties it will probably let die such as the Die Hard series. What would be interesting is what would happen with the Alien and Predator properties. The Alien films haven’t done well lately, but a new Predator film is on the way that could revitalize that franchise.

As for X-Men and the Fantastic Four coming home to the MCU? Well… that’s a very different beast. X-Men would not to be completely retooled and all the existing movies wiped clean. Fantastic Four is currently in limbo, so that one is easy. But we could finally see an Avengers vs. X-Men movie and that would snap the minds of many comic book fans.

These are not talks that will be wrapped up quickly, but it is definitely something for everyone to keep their eyes on.

Source: CNBC .

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