November 15 2017

Wonder Woman 2 moves out of the way of Star Wars

In a completely unsurprising move, Wonder Woman 2 has changed up its release date.

Originally locked to Dec. 13, 2019, Wonder Woman 2 will now hit theaters on Nov. 1, 2019. A film moving up isn’t a huge deal normally, but this makes sense as Star Wars Episode IX has been slated now for Dec. 20, 2019 meaning WW 2 would have faced massive competition only a week into its run.

As soon as Star Wars moved from May 2019 to December, this seemed pretty inevitable. WW2 is sure to do well, but there is no point to cutting its legs off after only one week. In its new berth, it faces no competition when it opens. James Bond 25 is scheduled for Nov. 8, but the audiences are pretty different and shouldn’t cause many issues for each other.

Personally, I think this was the right move. WW2 has every right to have room to breath and it should get its time in the spotlight.

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