November 17 2017

Fox is still looking for a buyer

It may not be Disney that ends up with Fox at this point, but that doesn’t mean a sale isn’t still on the table.

Indications are that talks between Fox and Disney have come to an end, but it seems a new suitor is sniffing around. According to sources speaking with CNBC, Comcast has now entered into talks for 21st Century Fox and Fox Television Production. As with the previous talks, it would not include Fox News, Fox Sports and FOX Channel. It also would not be able to buy the TV network or its affiliates due to its ownership of NBC.

Although there are no active talks between Disney and Fox, apparently the deal is not completely dead, just dormant. With another company looking around it might prompt Disney back into play as they would have to deal with yet another company over the rights to the first Star Wars movie, X-Men and Fantastic Four. On the other hand, depending on the intentions of Comcast or some other new owner, they may sell off those specific rights as a quick way to recoup part of their investment.

The only thing clear at this point is that Fox wants to offload some components. Someone is going to end up buying it, it’s just a question of who at this point.

Source: CNBC .

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