November 18 2017

Commercials are the enemy of my life

As I watched the first episode of Supergirl this season, a commercial played and I thought, “You know what… I’m done with this.”

No, I’m not quitting Supergirl, but I’m quitting pretty much anything that involves commercials. I did some quick math and what I discovered just angered me.

About 2 & 1/2 years ago I cut the cord meaning I stream everything I watch. The CW app is great and provides all of the shows for free with commercials, but you are watching around 15 minutes of commercials per broadcast hour. Now, on CW I currently watch:

Figure a season is 22 episodes. That means that per show I am spending 5.5 hours per show season watching commercials. Now, multiply that across the shows I watch (some are 13 episodes per season) and I came up with 39.5 hours per season. In other words, over a day and a half of my life spent watching commercials for products I couldn’t care less about.

Thankfully, all CW shows come to Netflix two weeks after the season finale, meaning no commercials. This was how I watched iZombie last season and that is what made me start to analyze this. I didn’t lose anything by watching it that way, and I saved myself a couple hours in commercials.

After finishing the season premiere of Supergirl I just thought, “Nope, I wait for everything on Netflix now.” My time is far too valuable to be spent this way. (The quality of the shows is an entirely different matter) But here is the silly thing, CBS All Access – owned by the same parent company as CW – offers a commercial-free tier if you pay more. Once I hit three hour-long shows on there I went to the higher tier. Why isn’t CW offering this? I would gladly pay them for a few bucks a month for commercial free instead of waiting for Netflix. With the upcoming Crisis on Earth-X storyline, it pains me I’m waiting, but I just won’t sacrifice my time to the commercials.

Think about this, CW. Offer me a way to pay and you can get my business back, or you can make pennies from licensing to Netflix. Until this happens, I’ll see the four-part crossover this summer. I just hope it’s worth the wait.

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