November 24 2017

Huzzah! MST3K returning for season 12

It’s a Thanksgiving miracle! Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning for a 12th season.

After being canceled years ago with season 10, fans – myself included – backed a Kickstarter to bring the series back for an 11th season. Netflix then got involved from the aspect of just airing the episodes. After that was all said and done, everything went silent again. No one was sure what was happening, but then during the Turkey Day Marathon – a tradition amongst the MST3K faithful – the news was finally announced that we would indeed be getting another season.

For those of you unfamiliar with MST3K, you really have no excuse to try it out if you have a Netflix subscription. In short, a man is trapped on a satellite and he is sent a constant stream of horrible movies to see what it will do to him. Along the way some robot friends were built from parts of the station and they then sit there and make quips at the movies as they watch them.

In total there have been three human hosts – Joel Hodson, Mike Nelson, and Jonah Ray – but the robots have stayed the same with some changes to the voice actors.

Great news, MSTies. We’re in business for another season!

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