December 3 2017

Disney talks back on with 21st Century Fox

We’re going to need a scorecard at this point to keep track of the talks.

It seems that Disney and Fox are in talks again to purchase chunks of the company latter. Comcast is said to also be in the mix, but Disney is appearing to be the favored party at this point.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the sale would include the film studio and several cable networks. The overall deal is reportedly pegged at $48.5 billion, with the film and TV production operation and the library of existing content valued at $15 billion by itself.

Disney is, of course, motivated to make this purchase as it would return the rights to the X-Men and and Fantastic Four to Marvel. Fox also controls the rights to the original Star Wars film in perpetuity, so the House of Mouse would like to unite all the pieces of properties it already holds the majority of.

Word is Fox would like to complete this sale before the end of the year, so expect things to move fast from here on out.

Source: The Wall Street Journal .

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