December 8 2017

Warner Brothers ready to shake up the DCEU

From the land of “who didn’t see this coming?” Warner Brothers is less than happy with the way Justice League is playing out.

When you end up spending a rumored $300M on a film, you expect it to do well. When it comes in at only $570.3M three weeks into release, it’s time to start studying what went wrong.

Justice League was seen as the DCEU’s answer to The Avengers, but it has fallen excruciatingly short of that film’s performance. To that end, Variety is reporting that Warner Brothers is looking to shake up the leadership of the film series. Reportedly Jon Berg will leave his current position heading up the production division. Geoff Johns is expected to continue to run point for DC itself on the films, although he could transition to more of an advisory role in the future.

There is also talk the DC film division will move more directly under the main WB banner instead of operating on its own, but that apparently isn’t set in stone yet.

Changes in the leadership and structure are expected to take place by January.

To all of this I say… it’s a start. The DCEU¬†is a gigantic mess, and as someone who has loved these characters almost since birth, what is happening to these films is literally depressing to me. Yes, I mean, I actually do get depressed to see how they are being treated. It is like the people making these movies have read exactly one comic of the character and think that means they have a handle on who they are. Every Batman film seems to be based on Frank Millers Dark Knight Returns… and I have no clue what Superman book they are using.

This is one of the main difference between the MCU and DCEU, respect for the characters and the source material. Take a note WB as you sort out who is steering this ship from here on out.

Source: Variety .

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