December 9 2017

Alita: Battle Angel trailer – Well, I’m creeped out

CGI is fun, kids. Don’t abuse it.

By the time Alita: Battle Angel hits theaters next year, it will have been floating around Hollywood for at least 17 years. James Cameron was originally supposed to direct it, but he finally stepped away and handed it over to Robert Rodriguez and remained on just as a producer.

Based on a Japanese manga and anime, it looks like the look has been captured, but at the cost of Alita falling into what is known as “the uncanny valley.” From Wikipedia:

The concept of the uncanny valley suggests that humanoid objects which appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings elicit uncanny, or strangely familiar, feelings of eeriness and revulsion in observers.


I get what they’re going for here and that is to mimic the manga design, but… no. It just looks creepy and off-putting. I love Rodriguez, but this trailer does not make me want to run out and see the film, that’s for sure.

Alita: Battle Angel his theaters on July 20, 2018.

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