January 10 2018

Krypton trailer still has me puzzled

I’ve been following the development of Krypton for what feels like ages, and with the first full trailer out… I still don’t get it.

For those of you unfamiliar with Superman lore, Krypton was his home planet. So now, we need an origin story. No, not of Jor-El putting his son Kal-El in a rocket headed for Earth. Nope, we need to know the story of his grandfather.

… huh?

The series is from David S. Goyer who… has a mixed track record. He’s credited with Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Man of Steel, Godzilla, and so on. My faith is not deep here.

Add in that we now see Adam Strange has come back from the future to tell Superman’s ancestors that they must do something to make sure he becomes the hero he should be and… yeah. I’m just not geeling this.

Yes, I’ll probably check it out at some point, but I am definitely not ready to do back flips over it.

Krypton debuts March 21.

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