January 11 2018

Black Widow movie looks like it may finally be happening

After years of rumors and debate, it appears that Marvel Studios is finally ready to put some faith into a Black Widow solo film.

According to The Wrap, Marvel Studios has picked Jac Schaeffer to write the script for Black Widow. Scarlett Johansson introduced the character to the MCU in Iron Man 2 released in 2010 and has repriesed the role numerous times since.

Schaeffer mad her debut in 2009 with TiMER, recentlly penned the Disney short Olaf’s Frozen Adventure and has Nasty Women – a remake of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – set up at MGM.

The current MCU slate is pretty much locked down through 2019, but there are a few untitled projects set for late 2019 and in 2020. With the script not written yet, this would more than likely be eyed for a late 2020 or early 2021 release more than likely. The big question mark, of course, is if Johansson will want to remain in the role through those dates. Most of the current MCU cast see their contracts expire with 2019’s untitled Avengers film, so this would mroe than likely require a contract extension, something Marvel has already shown it is not opposed to as evidenced by Robert Downey Jr.

Some have suggested there isn’t enough to the Black Widow to support a whole film, but, again, Marvel has shown that just because only one character is named in a title it doesn’t mean that’s the only one in the film. With the Widow’s ties to numerous governments and spy organizations over the years, there are many characters that could appear and cross paths with her. This seems like the perfect vehicle for Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) to get some more screen time. Keep this focused on the non-powered Marvel characters and it could be quite interesting and useful to the overall MCU.

Source: The Wrap .

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