January 13 2018

Shane Black penning a reboot of the British Avengers

Because there are absolutely no new ideas left in Hollywood, we’re going to make another go at the British version of The Avengers.

Shane Black is working with his writing partner Fred Dekker on a new TV pilot based off of the iconic British spy show, The Avengers. Running from 1961 to 1969 in the U.K., it was reimagined as a film in 1998 that failed miserably.

According to Dekker, the duo already have an idea in mind:

It’s ‘The Avengers,’ with John Steed and Emma Peel. We’re setting it in Britain in the 60’s, and our approach is ‘The Ipcress File’ meets ‘Doctor Who.’ At this moment, it’s my favorite thing we’re working on.

Although she only appeared in two of the six seasons of the series, Emma Peel – played by Diana Rigg – is the first associate of Patrick Macnee’s John Steed that pops into anyone’s mind when they think of the series. Copying that character, however, will be no easy feat.

As concepts go… just skip this. The original is fantastic, but recapturing its sensibilities is going to be next to impossible for anyone.

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