January 21 2018

Disney almost turned the Haunted Mansion into an animated series

Disney was considering an animated version of its infamous Haunted Mansion ride for television, but, sadly, it won’t be happening.

Shannon Tindle (Kubo and the Two Strings) recently revealed a demo of an opening animation for a Haunted Mansion pilot. And now that it isn’t going forward, man am I bummed.

Apparently, the project took place last year with several animators doing demos. Tindle wrote two different plots where one would be a limited project, and the other envisioned as an ongoing series. It seems the intro reel could have been used for either project.

Anyone who knows me knows I am obsessed with the Haunted Mansion ride, and I despise the film they made from it. There is a lot of story packed in that ride and it could easily be turned into several different projects, but for some reason Disney just lets it sit. We’ll get a movie for the Jungle Cruise of all things, but not another attempt at something to do with the Mansion. It makes no sense to me.

Come on, Disney. You make a ton of merchandise for the Mansion, you know we love it and want more. Finally do something with it!

Via: Dark Horizons .

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