February 9 2018

Venom trailer – Yeah, it’s weird

Sony has released the first trailer for Venom and… yeah.

Since Venom was announced as a solo film I’ve had some questions about how this would work, and none of them are good. The first trailer for the film definitely is not helping with my fears.

Okay, fine, Sony didn’t want to show us Venom. I get that. But even ignoring that, what in the world is this movie about? Watching this trailer it looks like it’s about a crazy person with maybe some psychic abilities. There’s no indication here about the symbiote (two fleeting shots that make no sense to anyone who doesn’t already know who Venom is) or how it works. And there is definitely no indication of a connection to Spider-Man.

Without Spider-Man being mentioned, I just don’t know how Venom will ever make sense, but more power to Sony. Lets see how this fails… er… I mean, does.

Venom his theaters on Oct. 5.

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