February 11 2018

Child’s Play TV series in the works

The Child’s Play film series looks as though it may be migrating to the small screen in the near future.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Don Mancini – the man behind the film series – and producer David Kirschner are developing a Child’s Play TV project. It will call for eight hour-long episodes and Brad Dourif will return as the voice of the killer doll.

Thankfully it is not being envisioned as a reboot but instead will pick up on the events in the last film, Cult of Chucky.

There have been seven films in the series, and unlike a lot of horror franchises, it has actually kept pretty close to the original storyline including Chucky continuing to torture Andy.

Does the story need to continue? Not really, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

Source: Bloody Disgusting .

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