February 13 2018

Snyder’s cut of Justice League said to have been ‘unwatchable’

Perhaps there was more to Snyder’s departure from Justice League than we all thought at first.

While it is well documented Zack Snyder left Justice League after a personal tragedy, there are now rumors circulating that it may have coincided with Warner Brothers looking to get him off the project. According to entertainment reporter Josh Dickey, the film as in an unwatchable state.

This information was further backed up by Collider saying it heard the same from multiple sources.

The timline of a year doesn’t sync up exactly with some of Snyder’s activities, but it would go a long way in explaining why he had nothing to do with it after his departure and even saying he hadn’t seen it weeks after its general release.

Perhaps Warner Brothers finally caught on that Snyder is not a good filmmaker. He has a style, he’s made some decent movies, but his ego far outstripped his talent several years ago. Man of Steel is an absolute dumpster fire of a movie. People hate on Superman Returns, but it is far more watchable than MoS.

This is a tricky situation due to the horrific tragedy of Snyder’s daughter passing away. I actually debated whether or not to discuss this, but in the end I landed on the side of addressing it because it goes back to my theory that Warner Brothers is ultimately to blame. As a studio it sat on its laurels for far too long before trying to get a DC film universe going and with each passing day Marvel got further ahead. Once it did launch, it forgot this was a marathon and not a sprint. It raced its way to Justice League as fast as it could and ut ultimated paid the price.

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