February 17 2018

Transformers film series may be rebooted

It appears that not only are fans unhappy with the way the Transformers films have gone, but Hasbro, the parent toy company, may be as well.

In the lead up to the kick off of Toy Fair 2018 mere hours from now, apparently Hasbro shared with investors that it has struck a new deal with Paramount that will allow the toy maker to have greater creative control over the films. The new plans seem to call partially for the upcoming Bumblebee film to possibly start the process and the next mainline film to be in a new continuity.

In other words: Adios, Michael Bay.

While the films have financially successful, they have been critical bombs. Add in that the latest film was the most expensive yet and had the smallest global box office haul, clearly things with this series need to change.

Here is how the first five films break down. It is clear a reboot is in order if you don’t just rest the series. (That won’t happen)

Transformers$319,246,193 $390,463,587$709,709,780$150,000,000
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen$402,111,870$434,191,823$836,303,693$200,000,000
Transformers: Dark of the Moon$352,390,543$771,403,536$1,123,794,079$195,000,000
Transformers: Age of Extinction$245,439,076$858,614,996$1,104,054,072$210,000,000
Transformers: The Last Knight$130,168,683$475,256,474$605,425,157$217,000,000

Maybe we can finally get a Transformers film that focuses on, you know, the Transformers?

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