February 28 2018

The Rocketeer coming to Disney Junior as an animated series

At long last, Disney is doing something new with The Rocketeer property, but it may not be what you were expecting.

Disney released a live-action film of The Rocketeer in 1991 based on Dave Stevens iconic comic series of the same name. The film was not well received, but those of us who dug it – myself included – have always thought Disney should give it another shot. Instead of going live-action, however, Disney is launching it as an animated series on Disney Junior in 2019. The series will have episodes made up of two 11-minute stories, and they won’t be following the adventures of Cliff Secord.

The new series will be based on a young girl named Kit who receives a mysterious package on her birthday letting her know she is the next Rocketeer, a superhero who flies with the help of a rocket pack. She will be joined by her gadget-minded best friend Tesh, and her airplane-mechanic uncle, Ambrose, who will join her in her adventures.

“We are very excited to introduce ‘The Rocketeer’ to our young Disney Junior audience,” said Joe D’Ambrosia, the channel’s SVP Original Programming. “The vast storytelling found in the original comic books provides the perfect opportunity to create an exciting new adventure series told from a young girl superhero perspective that the whole family can enjoy together.”

The Rocketeer will be executive produced by Nicole Dubac (Transformers: Rescue Bots) and each episode will feature an original song.

It’s not necessarily the take I was expecting, but I’ll take it. I’ve wanted The Rocketeer to have another crack at success, so lets do this. May Kit have seasons of success.

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