March 1 2018

DCEU plans in flux yet again, and a possible sale on the horizon

Don’t hold your breath to see a Batgirl or Nightwing movie any time soon.

While it seemed at one time Warner Brothers was looking at throwing all of the DC characters on the screen, according to TheWrap, the studio is now dialing back on that idea. According to an insider speaking with the publication, the studio always wanted to focus on the core Justice League, but that idea seemed to be slipping away a bit. It seems, however, the pull out of Whedon on Batgirl has calmed things a bit.

There is also a rather ominous cloud hanging over Warner Brothers at the moment. Currently owned by Time Warner, there is currently an $85B bid by AT&T to take over the conglomerate. The Department of Justice has been less than enthusiastic about this potential buyout and should things fall through, then a whole new set of issues could appear.

Should the deal fall through, an insider with knowledge of the situation has told TheWrap that Time Warner could look to sell the conglomerate in chunks with Warner Brother, HBO, and Turner all going to different buyers. A sale of Warner Brothers would also include DC Comics meaning that the films and the comics themselves could be in for a turbulent ride.

There have been some rumors of Apple being interested in WB as it gets into its own original programming on the Apple TV, which would certainly make for an odd landscape down the road.

Source: TheWrap .

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