March 7 2018

Luke Cage season 2 sets a premiere date at Netflix

Netflix is just pumping out original content, and more specifically its little corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is filling up pretty fast.

Jessica Jones season 2 lands this Friday, but Netflix decided on Tuesday to go ahead and tease the second season of Luke Cage. Come June 22, it’s time to head back up to Harlem.

I really enjoyed season 1, but Luke is now living in a very different world. Everyone knows about him, and that is sure to get in his way at least somewhat as he tries to protect everyone.

Hats off to Netflix as it is just pumping this stuff out. Daredevil season 3 is in production. Iron Fist season 2 is in production. Punisher season 2 is getting ready to film. There is just no stopping these Marvel shows right now, and I’ll take them all… well… maybe not Iron Fist. We’ll have to see.

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