March 8 2018

Avengers throw movie release dates into chaos with release date change

Thanos hasn’t even put on the Infinity Gauntlet yet and he’s already throwing the entire film industry into chaos.

Avengers: Infinity War was originally scheduled to release in the U.S. on May 4 and other territories on April 27. The studios knew this and had planned accordingly. Then Marvel changed its mind and all territories are getting the third Avengers outing on April 27.

Cue the studios scrambling to get out of the way.

Here is how some films have reacted.

In other words, everyone just got the heck out of the way of the Marvel juggernaut. On one hand I understand it, but on the other I can see the argument for counter-programming. Two of these films – I Feel Pretty and Overboard – are female-led comedies. Why not leave them where they were and give folks alternative choices?

What do I know. Anyway, get ready for the Avengers to eat everyone elses lunch it would seem.

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