March 13 2018

Pacific Rim Uprising clip does nothing to calm my fears

As much as I want to get excited for Pacific Rim Uprising, it just isn’t happening.

Pacific Rim wasn’t deep, or even close to perfect, but it was enjoyable, and it set up a fun world as Guillermo del Toro often does. With different creative folks running the film the second time around, I just keep looking for anything in all of the released footage that gets me excited, and it just isn’t happening.

Case in point.

Everything about this feels like a video game. (and I have a suspicion this is some sort of simulator exercise in this clip) Visually it’s just leaving me cold. This doesn’t feel like the same world as the first and it just doesn’t look that interesting to me.

I really hope I’m wrong and this is great.

Pacific Rim Uprising hits theaters on March 23.

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