March 20 2018

Rian Johnson starts work on Star Wars trilogy

It seems that Rian Johnson has officially kicked off work on his Star Wars trilogy. Of course, we still have no clue when these films are coming, but at least we know work has begun.

Ram Bergman, Rian Johnson’s producing partner, recently spoke on the topic of the new trilogy at the Rakuten TV Empire Awards.

We’ve started. Slowly, slowly, but we’ve started. Hopefully soon we’re going to get busier.

There is still absolutely nothing known about what this trilogy will cover. We don’t know what time period it will be set in, if any familiar characters will show up… nothing. And I kinda like that. I think it’s time for Star Wars to shake off the Skywalker time period. Lets go somewhere else and see what is going on.

Right now the plan calls for Johnson to outlien the trilogy, write the first script and direct the first installment. Where it goes from there, we just don’t know yet. Lets just see what he has planned.

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