March 21 2018

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series heading towards being most expensive of all time

It seems that Amazon is ready to spend a mind-numbing amount of money on its Lord of the Rings series.

Last November it was announced that Amazon had secured the rights to produce a prequel series for the Lord of the Rings. The deal covers up to five seasons and a potential spinoff series. The global rights set them back around $250M, but now information is coming in as to what the final total may be.

How does $1 billion sound?

It was recently revealed that The Man in the High Castle runs Amazon around $11M per episode. Game of Thrones costs HBO around $15M. Using this math, at a minimum, Amazon is dropping $500M on this series and it could easily balloon up to $1B by the time all is said and done.

To me, that’s insanity. I enjoy a well-produced TV series as much as the next person, but if it truly gets anywhere close to $1B then we’re clearly out of control.

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