March 22 2018

Venom movie said to not feature much Venom

Sony Pictures appears to be once again showing that it has no idea what it is doing with these Spider-Man spinoff films.

Rumors are circulating that the upcoming Venom movie will be missing, well, Venom. A plot breakdown is circulating that Venom only appears as black veins on Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) throughout the movie and shows up as a shield during a car chase, but does not actually encase Brock as a suit until the final battle in the film.

Yes, because a Venom movie without Spider-Man wasn’t already a crazy enough idea, but barely seeing Venom in a movie named Venom makes total sense.

I really don’t know what Sony is playing at here, but if it wants to throw away more money, why not? Silver & Black is apparently on hold at the moment, and that is definitely a good idea. Lets see how this plays out before we get going on yet another fools errand.

Source: Manabyte .

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