March 27 2018

ROM finds a screenwriter at long last

Someone is finally going to sit down at a keyboard and hammer out a script for ROM the Spaceknight.

The Hasbro Cinematic Universe is finally coming together it seems. With Micronauts work underway, a new G.I. Joe movie moving forward, and a possible reset for Transformers, now it seems attention is turning towards my favorite spaceknight, ROM. Zak Penn, who scripted Ready Player One for Spielberg, has been tapped to pen the script.

The issue facing this particular property is there was only ever one toy produced. While some of the key elements fall under that license, the Marvel Comics series is far more well-remembered and those story points are not under Hasbro’s ownership. Penn will need to develop his own lore for ROM, and that is going to be a bit of a trick.

I loved the toy. I loved the comic. I just want to see ROM remembered at long last.

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