April 1 2018

The Movies of 2018 – 2nd Quarter Analysis

We’ve taken a look at each of the films of the 2nd quarter of 2018, but how is each month going to break down? Who will we be singing the praises of, and which films will be leading to studio executives packing up their offices?

Lets take a look, but apparently all of the studios have decided that Disney should just make all the money.


April 6

April 13

April 20

April 27

Avengers: Infinity War winning the month is a foregone conclusion. Fine. But what about the rest of the contenders? Rampage will do okay, but not great. A Quiet Place will do your usual horror numbers, but beyond that? I think we can all take some naps.


May 4

May 11

May 18

May 25

Deadpool 2 is tracking lower than the original, so it will do well, but won’t be as hot as the first it seems. Solo: A Star Wars Story will do well, but I’m going to be surprised if it hits $1B global. It will still be huge.

Show Dogs… oof, that is going to be a complete disaster.


June 1

June 8

June 15

June 22

June 29

June will finally see some life, but it will be focused on The Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The big question mark to me is Ocean’s 8. I just can’t get a read on how that one will do.


The second quarter is going to start quiet, and it will see some moments of explosive success, but it’s not going to be an across the board winner to be sure. It’s an odd start to the summer season, and, as you can see, it will be all about Disney’s properties it seems.

Hey, if you’re a studio that can release a major film a month, more power to them, but why does it feel like the other studios are just letting it happen?

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